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Ask Dr. Bobrow

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Susan from Currituck  asks  " Does bleaching cuase you enamel to wear away?"

A:  Absolutely not!  Cosmetic whitening(bleaching) simple oxidizes pigments in your teeth to lighten your teeth without damage. Although various "strips" are available in the stores, this process should be supervised by your dentist.

Q:  Jerry from Kitty Hawk asks  " Why do root canaled teeth need to be crowned?"

A:  Teeth that have been treated with root canal therapy have been devitalized by removal of the nerve and nutrient supply. This can make the tooth very brittle. Also, many teeth requiring RCT alrerady have stress fractures in them. For this reason, it is recommended that your tooth be restored with a crown. The crown also prevents bacterial leakage back into the tooth from saliva.

Q:  Rachel from Southern Shores asks  " Why am I experiencing cold sensitivity in my tooth after having a filling?"

A:  It is fairly normal to experience some sensitivity for a short while after having a filling; however, this should not be extreme. You should notify your dentist as you may need a very simple adjustment to you bite. When you are "numb", your nerve sensation is altered which can throw off your bite while in the office. When the numbness is gone, your bite tries to return to normal and sometimes there can be a little extra filling material in the way.